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From Marina De Giovanni
📍Sydney, Australia
Hey girl!

If you’d like to build a massive Instagram following, for real, this will be the most exciting page you'll ever read.

And you'll know EXACTLY why this is a true statement in just a second . . .

But first, let me tell you a quick story about my Instagram journey thus far, because it's a weird one.

See, I was a typical corporate girl, but not enjoying my job. 
I noticed girls making money on Instagram and wanted to give it a go . . .
My hope was to turn it into something that could support me without having to work a regular job that I didn't like.

But like most people – the hardest part was growing a following. And I thought maybe it was because I got in too late.

I tried SO many different tactics:

❌ I used hashtags

❌ I followed and commented

❌ I joined "Instagram pod groups"

❌ I paid for shout-outs from other Instagram accounts

… And a lot more weird stuff!

I would see my following go up . . .

And then a couple days later go back down!

Can you imagine? You get all excited about building a following then it disappears and you have zero comments . . . It’s embarrassing!

Then one night I was watching a movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days when something jumped out at me! I wasn't sure what it was at first, but then I realized . . .
The main character, Andie Anderson (played by Kate Hudson), is one of those girls that always, "gets the guy." Men obsess over her.

While another character called Michelle, struggles and comes off as a little pathetic.

This got me thinking, "How can one girl always 'get the guy', and another drive them away?"

Of course, the answer is obvious . . . 

Girls who are successful with men understand how to attract them. Girls know that if you 'chase' a guy, he's going to lose interest.
That's when I had my “aha” moment . . .
I finally realized the SECRET to growing an Instagram following.

It wasn't hashtags, following people, Instagram pod groups or paid shout outs . . .

. . . because these are all “chasing” tactics.

The equivalent in a relationship setting, is the girl who sits in a bar desperate for attention from ANY guy.

And as we all know . . . “chasing” tactics DON’T WORK!

Instead, growing an Instagram following is about one simple thing . . .
Understanding how to attract an audience rather than chase one . . .
After my discovery, I realized I'd stumbled on a MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH.

Yet, I still hadn't figured out how to implement my idea.

So, I decided to create a full-blown project plan to figure out how ultra-influencers, icons, and brands are attracting their audiences.

The project nickname was “Audience Attraction”.
I felt like I was working to unlock a "code" . . .
I spent the next eight months dissecting all the top Instagrammers and what they were doing.

After lots of testing, trial and error... I completed something I now call the “Audience Attraction Method”.

When I started applying this method, I was pretty surprised with the results . . .
Suddenly . . . everything was on hyper speed!
I was creating content faster than ever before . . . my following would jump overnight, and getting a few hundred new followers in a day became the norm.

Within 90 days my following grew more than the 3 years before . . . and my income grew, too!
That’s when I realized EVERYTHING HAD CHANGED!

I did it – I cracked the code of ultra-influencers, icons, and brands... and figured out how they're attracting and growing their massive followings on Instagram.
There’s nothing worse than feeling invisible. 

I know the frustration when you work hard to create posts, but no one even acknowledges them.

Or people unfollow you and you’re left not knowing what you did wrong? (Believe me, I've been there!)

But the good news is, when you focus on attracting an audience rather than chasing them, this problem goes away . . . and growing an audience becomes second nature. 

And this is how it should be. 

So if you feel like you’re struggling (even a little bit) . . . 

It’s not your fault, you’ve probably just been making one small mistake and doing it wrong.

So let me show you how you can do it RIGHT . . .

The Audience Attraction Method is truthfully . . .
Listen, if you're still reading, I know you’re interested in this information . . .

And that’s because, you're probably just like me . . .

Someone who recognizes the opportunity for regular people to turn into Instagram entrepreneurs.

And you want a simple and predictable way to grow and monetize your audience.

What I just outlined is the EXACT method I've used to build my Instagram following to an audience of over 100K . . .

And in the process, create a multi-million dollar a year lifestyle business where I get to live life the way I want to.

You've already seen how attracting a following is the BEST way to grow a huge Instagram brand.

And today, you have the chance to grab the exact ‘Audience Attraction’ Method that shows you how. 

That method is all part of a BRAND-NEW online training program called . . .
Instagram Accelerator is the complete step-by-step Audience Attraction Method to rapidly grow and monetize your following.

What you're about to learn has NOTHING to do with tactics, gimmicks or any other BS things that don't work.

This is a completely NEW way to build an audience, brand and online empire . . . even if you’re starting from scratch!

So, if you want to . . . 

Instantly build celebrity on Instagram, grow a hyper engaged audience . . . and have a system to convert your followers into customers . . .

Then Instagram Accelerator is specifically for you!

But don't just take my word for it . . .
Here's What Everyone Is Saying About "Instagram Accelerator" . . .
“In less than 2 weeks, I have obtained almost 1,000 followers.
Leanna Floyd
“Author and Doctor of Psychology”
“I couldn’t get any followers. I tried hashtags, I tried everything. Since I’ve used Marina’s techniques, my followers have grown by at least 25%.”
Katrien Gobler
“CEO Natural E-commerce Store”
It was the best investment I ever made in my life.
Natallia Nemes
“Author and Coach”
She is the guru of social media, blogging, and influencers for Instagram. She is the real deal!”
Rani Nicole
“Stylist and Entrepreneur”

And More Results Just Keep Coming DAILY...
“Marina De Giovanni is legit! Not enough people are willing to share the secret!”
- Ela
“The first that actually talks about Attraction Marketing!”
- Kalli Combs
“It’s made me realize what I need to do to grow my brand and sales”
- Chrisma Cuyler
“I’ve doubled my following in 6 weeks.”
- Hollie
“I highly recommend purchasing this course! It has the key principles to social media success! You won’t be disappointed!”
- Leanna Floyd
“The content you shared gave me my lightbulb moment!”
- Tracey Currey
Here’s Just a Fraction of What You’re Getting
Module 1: Insta Launch (A $399 VALUE)
I show you how to launch a new Instagram account; or... how to make a few small tweaks to an existing account that will set you up for a massive following.

You’ll be able to start applying these strategies IMMEDIATELY. So, you can start growing your following today if you want too.
Module 2: Insta Code (A $399 VALUE)
I teach you how to make your Instagram stand out in a saturated market.

By the end of this module you'll know exactly how to market your account to attract your 'perfect audience'.
Module 3: Insta Create (A $399 VALUE)
You’ll learn how to become an expert content creator by crafting posts that attract and grow your following strategically . . . without causing overwhelm.

That's because, you're getting step-by-step 'content framework'. This is my secret weapon to creating content at lightning speed that gets ENGAGEMENT!

That means . . . more comments, shares, and followers!
Module 4: Insta Grow (A $399 VALUE)
You're getting specific marketing strategies to grow your Instagram brand in a way that attracts an audience . . . (So, you don’t have to chase down followers anymore . . . they’ll come to you!)

And I've made this super easy for you . . . because you're getting . . .

Fill-in-the-blank growth plans and guides to walk you through this exact process. So, you'll be able to start growing almost instantly.
Module 5: Insta Income (A $399 VALUE)
This is about how to monetize your audience. The good news? It works even if you have a small following. And I'll show you exactly how to do it!

But I'm not just going to "show you" how to do it . . .

You're also getting word-for-word, copy-and-paste scripts and templates . . . that have already been battle-tested and proven to convert.

The best part is they work for ANY product and any niche. It's a transformational strategy and I'm excited to show you how to do it.
(TOTAL VALUE: $1,997)
PLUS, You’re ALSO Getting . . .
  • ​A series of interviews with leading brands and influencers who are having major success on Instagram right now.
  • ​Learn how one influencer made $86,179 in 23 days . . . and with only 13,000 followers
  • ​Discover how another influencer in the fitness niche grew her following from zero to 23,000 followers using ONE simple technique
  • ​Go behind the curtain with a Style blogger who reveals how she generates a full-time income from Instagram . . . with just 14,500 followers
  • This is like having multiple mentors walking you through their journey of exactly how they built their brand so you can have a shortcut path to your own success. 
  • How to make professional quality videos FROM SCRATCH, even if you’re working with limited resources
  • ​Simple tips, tricks, and hacks for making your video content more entertaining and engaging
  • ​My video equipment recommendations: camera, audio and lighting 
  • Exactly what apps and editing software to use for your specific situation and how to get the most out of your videos 
  • ​PLUS, learn how to FINALLY attract your ideal follower and make $$$ from simple Instagram videos
  • ​My best kept secret for growing your following instantly (just using your phone)
  • ​How to maximize your time spent on Instagram each day to get BETTER and FASTER results
  • ​Complete swipe file of my best ever Instagram posts (and they’re yours to model and copy!)
  • ​If building an Instagram empire is your goal – this is a game changer!
Women Worldwide Say YES to "Instagram Accelerator!"
“When I saw that Marina was releasing a course on Instagram I absolutely jumped at the chance to get my hands on it. And I wasn’t disappointed.”
Beth Goodrham
“Stylist and Blogger”
“When Marina used the term ‘Audience Attraction’ it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. After a couple of weeks doing it, my engagement has never been so high. It’s changed everything.”
Jodine Boothby
“Teething/Baby Products”
“I now make sense of all the new Instagram algorithm changes. I have a clear direction on where I want to go and how I want to build my fitness community.”
Morgan Palermo
“Fitness Influencer”
Who better to learn Instagram from than the Queen of Instagram, herself?”
Tarla Makaeff
“Social Media Strategist, Copywriter, Author”
Real Influencers + Brands + Real Results . . .
“I learned more in her online site than I did with all the videos I’d spent forever listening to.”
- Ela
“Immediate weight was lifted upon the realization, ‘I can finally just be me.’”
- Taylor Dahlke
“I love the way you explain step by step what to do to gain followers.”
- Kelly McDowell
“Module #2 was an eye opener to me! Like a legit ‘aha’ moment … I have a team of 30,000 women and I am spreading your name like crazy!”
- Karyn Melko-Medeiros
“I’m grateful for this popping up in my feed. A divine intervention for this author.”
- Leanna Floyd
“I was sure you wouldn’t have anything new to teach me – boy was I wrong!”
- Laura Burton
Here's What To Do Next:
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I know how you might be feeling

You’ve spent hours reading conflicting articles, books and watching YouTube videos . . .

You’ve attended online webinars and gone to in-person events . . .

You’ve bought every course, audiobook (and everything else you could get your hands on) . . . but still aren’t where you want to be!

If you feel like you've tried everything and you're still feeling stuck . . . 

I know how you feel . . . because I did all this stuff too.

What I want you to know is I've got your back . . . because you're going to know if this is right for you or not in the first 10 minutes of seeing it.

For most people, it just ‘clicks’ for them right away.

But, I also don't want you to feel rushed.

That's why you're 100% protected by my . . .
Love it or 100% Money Back Guarantee
What this means is you can take the course for a test drive, apply all of the teachings, and see how it works for you specifically.

You've got two full months to go through the entire programme.

If you're not absolutely thrilled with the results, just let me know and I'll immediately give you a refund.

This is really the one thing that can take your Instagram game to the next level fast, and I guarantee it will work just like I say or I'll give your money back.

I’m that confident. And I want you to be, too.

Sound fair?

You literally have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.
So To Recap, Here’s What You’ll Get with Instagram Accelerator:
  • The complete Instagram Accelerator Training Program ($1,997 Value)
  • BONUS #1: The Instagram Interrogations ($497 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Instagram Video Production Boot Camp ($497 Value)
  • BONUS #3: Instant Audience ($497 Value)
  • BONUS #4: Special “Beta Launch Only” Live Implementation Coaching ($1,000 Value)
That's $4,488 in FREE gifts just for enrolling today.

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P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who skip to the end of the page, here’s the deal:

I have a brand-new online program called "Instagram Accelerator". 

Inside this training you'll get a completely NEW and BETTER way to grow your Instagram following using my "Audience Attraction Method".

*****Plus, you’re also getting FOUR exclusive advanced bonuses:





I’m giving you these bonuses as free gifts because I want you to apply what you learn in the course immediately.

But what I want you to know is . . .  I'VE GOT YOUR BACK!

Because you're 100% protected by my . . . 

Love it or 100% Money Back Guarantee!

What this means is you get the ENTIRE program today. I want you to take the course for a test drive, go through all the lessons, download all of the guides and worksheets . . . apply all of the teachings, and see how it works for you specifically.

And if you're not ABSOLUTELY OVER THE MOON with the results . . . just let me know and I'll immediately give you a refund (no questions asked!)

In a nutshell . . . I guarantee it will work just like I say or I'll give your money back!

How's that for fair?

But I have a "warning"  . . .

This “beta group” launch won’t be available for long, and when it’s gone . . . no more discount . . . and no more bonuses.

I’m limiting the number of people I let in because I've decided to keep the Instagram Accelerator “beta group” small and focused. This way I'll be able to answer your questions and give you dedicated time and attention.

You’re only ONE step away from having my proven "Audience Attraction Method" . . . so you can FINALLY build your Instagram following and brand!

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You won’t regret it
More Proof This Is The Most Legit Instagram Program On The Planet. . .
“I love taking programs that push me out of my comfort zone! You will not be disappointed”
Mia Jerritt
“Life coach”
“I’m so thankful! Marina, THANK YOU so much! You made my world!
“Wedding Planner”
“For months I was going out there blindly. The benefit is knowing what to post and how to post it.
Eileen Simone
“Coach and Mentor”
It’s helped me grow my platform organically … I don’t know what I would be doing without your help.”
“Lightworker and Writer”
“She was everything I hoped for (and more!) in a coach and teacher.”
Jocelyn Holm
“Teacher and Content Creator”
I’m no longer lost on what I’m supposed to post or how to show my brand.”
Sophia Reed
“Doctor and Life Coach”
It has been so phenomenal in teaching us how to market ourselves.”
Aama Harwood
"Co-Founder Online MMA Training"
My entire brand has done a 180.”
Kellie Haddock
"Singer and Songwriter"
With this course I’ve had lightbulb moments – it’s explained in a different way”
Kylie Christie
"Event Planner"
“After following Marina’s advice, in the first day I gained 50 followers.
That was new for me”
Frida Treschow
“Lawyer and Beauty Influencer”
What Even More Babes Are Saying About "Instagram Accelerator" . . .
“I have an honors degree in Marketing … I did not think of that after all these years!”
- Katrien Grobler
“No one teaches this stuff except for Marina De Giovanni.”
- Tarla Makaeff
“Some of the best information I’ve heard from any influencer yet!”
- Tiffanie Franklin
“This was amazing! I can really attract my dream clientele!”
- Jade
“Definitely a great investment for real growth!!”
- Gabz

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